Literacy development program

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  • Literacy development program
  • 4 Years
  • West Nile Uganda
  • Rural Communities
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FCA Lacrosse

Program Partner

Literacy development program

We partnered with Westnile Lacrosse Foundation Uganda in our literacy development program Chapter Chat that aims at creating a platform that advocates for self improvement in literacy among children in underserved communities. We enrolled children under Westnile Lacrosse Foundation club to participate in specific activities including parent engagement where we sensitize parents about the importance of literacy to the family and community at large.

To take full responsibility of what the children study at school and how best their children can reach their optimum potential with their full support and through our stationed study session we engage the children in fun activities that help stimulate their literacy skills like language, phoenic and print awareness.

West Nile Lacrosse
West Nile Lacrosse

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