Integration of interpersonal skills with sports

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  • Integration of interpersonal skills with sports
  • 4 Years
  • West Nile Uganda
  • Rural Communities
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Integration of interpersonal skills with sports

Westnile Lacrosse Foundation is proud to present an integration of sports with the side effectual benefit of life skills. A real sports man surely knows that sports on the field in itself is not enough to make the sportsman. Life skills are necessary in every arena of life whether in the middle of a battle or behind a desk. It is not enough to just win tournaments championships but also the zeal behind moralizing and humanizing one another is also important.

For the player to be able to easily relate with either another player on the field or another individual off the field while successfully tackling whatever life challenges might lie ahead of them is the actual goal of incorporating the acquisition of social skills by the player.  Life skills such as problem solving, critical thinking, decision making and communication are very fundamental in the holistic development of the player as a whole.

Program Overview

As Westnile Lacrosse Foundation, we not only desire for the complete dedication of the player on the field but also their character development off the field. The ability to stay focused on a game for example while tackling personal matters successfully is proven to be one of the sure signs of the proper integrating of interpersonal skills with the sport itself.

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