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Westnile Lacrosse (WNL)

Our Vision is to improve the lives of children in Uganda and Congo through the game of Lacrosse and the good medicine it brings and teaches.

West Nile Lacrosse

Our Mission

To use Lacrosse as our tool to uplift the children and communities in need of support. We are striving to put a stick in every child’s hand and foster sportsmanship and life skills through our programs and training.

Our Work


Training lacrosse in order to accomplish the vision and achieve the set mission.
Organizing lacrosse tournaments, workshops, training camps etc.
Taking part in sports events organized by sister sports federations and other organizations.
Conducting lacrosse exhibitions, hold radio talk shows or use any other mass media to advance its interests.
Reaching out to individuals, associations, institutions of learning, factories and industries, corporate companies and any other communities of interest in order to recruit members, start up, advice, encourage and donate where possible for the development of lacrosse.


Practically portraying to the youths and the community at large lacrosse is a positive way of spending leisure and may as well be an alternative source or market for human resource.
Assisting in starting up other lacrosse teams.
Offering voluntary service to the benefit of the community.
Opening up any appropriate and agreed upon business that would generate income to fund the organization activities.
Mobilizing any material or financial support to the achievement of the set mission and the vision.


To start up a club where lacrosse is played as the main social activity.
To promote lacrosse as a unifying activity among the youths and our community.
Sensitize the youths in the community about sports and teach it through training sessions, camps, workshops and through any other appropriate means.
Practically portray to the youths and the community in general that playing sports is a positive way of spending leisure.
Encourage youths to exploit God given talents in lacrosse
To create employment opportunities in the club and the community at large and as well act as a link and resource centre for improving on the standard of living for the members.
To network with club and organizations involved in similar work and as well articulate cooperation and joint initiatives with them.
To act as a developing ground of local lacrosse players for national and international levels.
West Nile Lacrosse
West Nile Lacrosse
West Nile Lacrosse West Nile Lacrosse

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